Thursday, September 22, 2016

Halloween II (80s TV showing promo)

Fall is slowly creeping up and it's time to dig out those classic and generally fun horror films to watch. A lot of my early horror movie watching was done by watching the edited versions of the films on local TV stations. To me it was a real event when these would play. When possible I would record them onto long play VHS tapes for repeated viewing. Sure I was missing some of the "good stuff" from the film, but by in large they were great fun to me. Hell, I didn't know I was missing anything. Below I have a video of an old promo of "Halloween II" being shown on TV. The voice over guy is in rare form. He really sells it. How could you not be prepared to throw a frozen pizza in the oven and get ready to watch Michael Meyers' second rampage.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tombstone Pizza - Halloween Branding

Now that Halloween is getting into full swing the mundane places like the grocery store are are seeing their shelves populated with Halloween branded food.

Walking past the frozen pizza section I spotted Tombstone Pizza's bold proclamation that they are the "official pizza of Halloween". I've always thought of the name "tombstone" to be more Wyatt Earp in my mind, but thinking about it Tombstone does fit if you look at the word from the graveyard perspective. It's not the worst of the frozen variety, but not the best either. The packaging isn't bad. The different toppings have different monsters. Hit up your local grocery store if you are interested.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tales from the Darkside - The Milkman Cometh tv promo

As we get into that fall Halloween season I encourage you to go out and search for strange and spooky things to watch. A good ol standby of fun entertainment is the anthology tv show "Tales from the Darkside" which I've talked about a fair amount of time on here about.

The series admittedly is hit or miss as I've seen. There are some great episodes and then some duds. That tends to be the case with any series. I have some favorites for sure. One of them is the episode called "The Milkman Cometh". This one has a strange little story about a man (Robert Forster) that is somewhat down on his luck and finds that the neighborhood milkman has the ability to make his wishes come true. For a while there seems to be only an upside to this relationship... but as we know this is the darkside so things can turn on him. This one has an intriguing story and I like that they don't go out of their way to explain to much and let your imagination run with it a bit. Robert Forster definitely helps in this one. His performance brings more to the role than some other less experienced actor. Check out the old 1984 commercial for the episode below. If you are intrigued I suggest you track the episode down.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Halloween is creeping up

Hello all. It's September and that can only mean one thing. We are getting that much closer to Halloween. Also, I feel at this point in the year things can begin to get more Halloween-centric. It's my intent to post more often on here with this season ramping up. I'm going to join up with the Halloween Countdown and group of bloggers kicking out fun content during October.

Brush the dust off your decorations and costumes and have fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wolfmen of Mars - "DANGER! PERIL! THREAT!" album

August is almost over and fall is right around the corner. It's time to set your mind on the spooky, creepy and ghoulish. For me getting geared up starts with listening to my Halloween music playlist in regular fashion. I've had an ongoing playlist for years that I'm always adding new music to. An artist that is always in the Halloween rotation is Wolfmen of Mars. Early this year they released a brand new album called "DANGER! Peril! Threat!". I was AWOL from the blog for a bit and didn't get a chance to report on it. Well there is no better time than now.

As you all begin dusting off your spooky tunes I always recommend looking into the Wolfmen's latest album.  It's good stuff! I've been listening to it since it's initial release and there are some splendid tracks that instantly went into my playlist. "No Eye Contact" I love... it has this old 70s/80s horror feel to it. Another track I really dug is called "Moonhammer" and that features artist Disasterpeace, which was a welcome surprise. Disasterpeace did the score for the horror film "It Follows", which was a very solid score.

Listen to the album below. There is a link over to Wolfmen of Mars bandcamp page where you can pick up the album.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carpenter Brut - "Le Perv" (Official Video NSFW)

The "busyness" of life has kept me from posting on the blog as often as I dream. There are all sorts of posts floating around in my head. Getting them digitally realized is another matter altogether.

Since this blog started out as a blog focused on soundtrack music of the 70s, 80s and a bit of the 90s, you should know I love that synth soundtrack music from the 80s a hell of a lot. As I mentioned in a prior post, I discovered music artist Carpenter Brut and he's really tapped into that sound I really dig. Today I present for your musical and visual enjoyment the video for his track "Le Perv". The music and visuals are a great marriage here friends. The visuals are taken from a 1984 film called "Murder Rock". I actually had never heard of it and am only now aware of it due to this video. I HIGHLY recommend you check this out.

** WARNING... there is brief nudity, so this isn't a video safe for the workplace (depending on where you work). **

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One (Teaser Trailer) 2016

I'd be pretty remiss to not acknowledge the new "Star Wars: Rogue One" trailer that was just released. I realize, officially it's being called "Rogue One: A Star Wars" story, but I prefer my title. That's about the only complaint, if you can call it that. The trailer looked great to me. I'm very interested in seeing this story. My only expectation is that it's fun. After seeing the "Force Awakens" and enjoying that I'm all set to check this flick out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Carpenter Brut - "Turbo Killer" (Official Video)

I've been exploring some new music artists over the course of the last year, by way of suggestion from the New Retro Wave youtube channel. The new retro wave music scene is highly influenced from the synth pop and soundtrack music from the 80s/90s. Which that style of music is totally my bag. These new artists doing this music has really captured my ear. One of the stand out artists in the genre is Carpenter Brut. I don't know much about him/them, but I suspect the "Carpenter" could be a reference to soundtrack composer John Carpenter.

One of the recently released tracks from Carpenter Brut is the song "Turbo Killer". The video for it is absolutely amazing. The music and visuals are a 100mph homage to the 80s movies and music I love. It has action, monsters, magic, fantasy, sci-fi... it has it all. I can't do the video justice with words. Click "play" below and check it out.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tales from the Darkside - “Main Theme”: 31 Days for Halloween Music

Tales From the Darkside was a fun horror themed TV show in the vein of Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. There were some great episodes that are classics among fans of the show. "The Closet", "The Circus" and "Anniversary Dinner" are among them.

I've read that George Romero originally wanted to do the show as a Creepshow, television show, but Warner Bros. had the rights to that name or something like that so they ended up doing it as "Darkside"

I’d bet there will be at least a couple of people at your Halloween party that will perk up when this track comes on.

Man lives in the sunlit world
of what he believes to be reality.
But, there is, unseen by most, an underworld,
a place that is just as real,
but not as brightly lit.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wee Sing for Halloween - “Have You Seen the Ghost of John?”: 31 Days for Halloween Music

Today's track is called "Have You Seen the Ghost of John?" from the Wee Sing music catalog and their album called "Wee Sing for Halloween", which quite honestly has some real gems on it. It's definitely geared for young kids, but there are some really excellent tracks such as this one I absolutely love. The kids run through the songs lyrics twice as a group, then they go back through the song as individuals with each kid starting the song just a few lines after the kid before him. It's done so excellently and gives it an even more haunting vibe. The music is great too. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on youtube, so  I have a link below that will take you to a site that has a nice high quality version snippet to give you a small sense of the track. Enjoy!

Have You Seen the Ghost of John? audio snippet.

"Have you seen the ghost of John?
Long white bones with the skin all gone
Oooh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?"