Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Legend - Intro Theme (single track)

Here is the into theme from the movie Legend by Tangerine Dream. I have the U.S. Varese Sarabande release of the album, which I was disspointed didn't contain this theme, my favorite in the whole movie. It's the track that plays when there is text moving over the screen explaining the world Legend takes place in. I have created a DVD rip of this track. Enjoy!

The release I have is the 11 track album. If anyone is interested in having me post the full soundtrack let me know.

Download the single track here


Fade said...

Hmm, I wondered if I was missing something from my Legend soundtrack, but after downloading it, I realized this track is on the soundtrack that I have. I have both the UK version and the Tangerine Dream version, but TD definitely is the better of the two..

The Fiji Mermaid said...

That's cool that you already had this one. What is the track name of the this song on your albums?

I double checked my soundtrack again looking for this before I posted it, but I didn't hear it.

The only other time I heard it was on a Tangerine Dream compliation album. I'm actually going to feature a song from there on this blog sometime soon. Thanks for dropping by the blog too.