Friday, December 22, 2006

Critters vs Gremlins? (two songs)

I don't know how many times this question has been brought up in movie aficionado circles, but I'm posing the question now. Who would win if it was an all out battle between the Critters and the Gremlins? Since many of you visiting this blog are fans of these types of flicks let me know your input. This is not very scientific, but more just a question for me to get a general idea of the popularity and fan base for the creatures/franchises.

I've always preferred the Critters myself, they always seemed a little cooler, and maybe it was those darts they could shoot and the rolling around like tumbleweed that I loved. Who knows!

Since this blog has a number of soundtrack downloads, I have a couple songs to go with this post. One track from Gremlins 2 (End Credits) and one from Critters (Critter Skitter). I recently got the Critters score from the Soundtrack Lovers Paradise, so hats off to him for getting me that one. Please give me some feedback on this question. THANKS and Happy Holidays!

"We're here for the Crites.". Download both tracks here!


Anonymous said...

I love "Gremlins", had a very cute stuffed Gizmo as a child. But I think the "Critters" are more menacing, althought the "Gremlins" do spawn quicker.
But everyone has to agree that the Ghoulies are the worst species, when it comes to otherworldly, little creatures.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Ha ha ha... Ghoulies, I forgot about them. I should have done a 3-way song post with a tune from one of their "great" flicks.

Yeah, I think the Critters are much more menacing too. Thanks for the feedback.

Will said...

I was always into Gremlins and Critters...after the age of 10 (Critters scared the hell outta me before then). But I never actually thought about the two versing one another until someone made a story about it on a writing site. So I thought I'd make a Part Two.

It has the perfect ending.

The Critters are more menacing when it gets down to it, but that's only because the Gremlins love to have fun. If you really piss the Gremlins off, give them a rival, and they can be just as menacing and fierce.

Gremlins have an advantage with water and numbers. But sunlight is a weakness that the Critters can exploit.

As you can tell, I've put alot of thought into this. But telling you anymore would be giving away my story.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Will, I just noticed your post on my question of who is more liked, who would win in a battle. I agree with you that each creature has their own set's of strengths and weaknesses. I guess that's a good thing since it makes a battle much more entertaining. Perhaps they become friend in the end of your story and they dine on Munchies for an after battle feast.