Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Phenomena - "Jennifer" & "Jennifer's Friends"
(2 tracks)

This post is here to correct a mistake I made in one of my first posts I made on this blog. I incorrectly posted saying I had the download available for the track "Jennifer" from the film Phenomena that I made ripping the track from my DVD.

I have recently relaized the error of my ways and that track was actually called "Phenomena". So, to fix that error for the people who may have downloaded that song hoping it was "Jennifer" I NOW have the actual "Jennifer" track by Goblin here and as an added bonus I have the "Jennifer's Friends" track as well.

"Jennifer's Friends" could very well be my favorite Goblin track of all time! I know there are a lot of Goblin fanatics out there who may disagree.

These two tracks came from the soundtrack "Phenomena: The Complete Goblin Original Instrumental Sound Track Album". That has to be the best all time title of an album ever... how can you top a title like that?

Download the tracks here!

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