Friday, March 16, 2007

Fan made Predator helmets

I recently found a Predator fan site called that has tons and tons of information on toys, collectibles, props, fan made costumes and more.

One of the most amazing sections to look at is the section of fan made Predator helmets. The work these guys do is amazing, check it out if you are a Predator fan.


jason said...

Well hello Fiji Mermaid! Thanks for the awesome music! I have been downloading great stuff from your blog and others and just started my own blog here in March to give back and show my appreciation. I've got some rad stuff that no one else has so go check it out and I'd appreciate it if you'd add me to your link list so others can find me. Keep up the awesome job you're doing. Thanks and take care!

Jason from Nightchillers Rare Music

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Jason, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog. It's great to see you've started your own and joined the soundtrack sharing community.

I have added you to my Links section.