Wednesday, May 23, 2007

George Hardy interview on

There is an interview with George Hardy on the site and it's worth checking out to read what one of the actors from Troll 2 has to say about how the flick has achieved some crazy cult status as one of the best/worst flicks of all time. IMDB has it listed at #16 in it's worst 100 flicks. Certianly a strange interview, how often to you get to hear from stars of your favorite bad movies.


Kamyar said...

I definitely need to watch this movie again.

I've seen it a long time ago, late night on TV and remember the sequence with the kid urinating on their diner table, a teenager being seduced by a weird looking witch whose arm was hacked off and the mean-spirited ending.

indigosoup said...

Hey there, thanks for the comment in my blog (Indigo Soup). I was on a bit of a hiatus there for awhile, but I'm back now (at least for today) with two new of which was your request.

Thanks for linking me!