Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freddy's Greatest Hits - Elm Street Group

It's getting close to Halloween (in my book) and I thought I'd post something that you may want to add to your halloween mix of songs at your costume parties and what not. Here is a strange Nightmare on Elm Street related bit of history. The "Freddy's Greatest Hits" album. It's actually not as bad as you might think that it is... but it's not as great as a you may think either. It falls somewhere in between being cool and just sort of some corny little footnote in horror history. The songs overall aren't too bad. They sound like something that would have shown up on the "Fright Night" soundtrack... that type of sound, but not quite the same level of production to the tracks.

Freddy doesn't sing, he just kind of ad libs though all the tracks. Stand out songs are "Down in the Boiler Room", "Don't Sleep" and "Obsession". There is one insturmental track called "Elm Street Dreams" that I actually love. Anywho take a listen and... sweet dreams!

Download the album here!

Normally I like to include a video that is directly related to my post, but there was never any official video related to this album. So I thought I'd include a bit of other weird Freddy Krueger related stuff such as this 1-900 number commercial.


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Sorry about that. I'll try to re-up it in the next day or so. Check back later this week and it should be all set.

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