Saturday, October 04, 2008

(full score/soundtrack)

Here is the final in my Halloween movie soundtrack posts. John Carpenter's score to the 1978 slasher classic Halloween. Some say this kick started the slasher genre, others disagree with this point. However, I don't think anyone can argue this is one of the best horror films of all time. This is certainly a favorite of mine this time of year. The score is spectacular, very slow paced and moody and haunting. It's one of Carpenter's finest scores.

I'll try to get more horror film scores/soundtracks on here in the coming weeks.

"I watched him for fifteen years, sitting in a room, staring at a wall, not seeing the wall, looking past the wall - looking at this night, inhumanly patient, waiting for some secret, silent alarm to trigger him off. Death has come to your little town, Sheriff."
Download the soundtrack here!


Flux_Robotnyx said...

Make My Halloween.

tbiggs said...

I'm having a problem downloading this...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

tbiggs said...

Can we get a re-up or new link for this one?

tbiggs said...

Thanks so much for the re-up. Awesome job!

mahak said...

I agree that it is the best horror movie atleast which I seen.I was so scared that I couldn't move from my seat.This soundtrack is just wonderful.Excellent movie..
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