Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver Bullet - Jay Chattaway
(Full score/soundtrack)

Here is the full soundtrack by Jay Chattaway for the 1985 film Silver Bullet. This is one of best Stephen King movie adaptations. It's based on the book "Cycle of the Werewolf". The movie sticks to the book pretty well, with a few changes here and there that I'm willing to accept, I mean there have been so many movies based on King stories that were completely unwatchable that a few changes here and there I can live with.

That being said it's one of my favorite werewolf flicks, my only gripe is that I wish the werewolf looked a little more "Howling" and less Teddy Bear like. Thankfully the director kept the werewolf hidden most of the time which always leaves the monster up to your imagination... and that's usually better than putting the monster out there in full light.
"I'm a little too old to be playing "Hardy Boys meet Reverend Werewolf"!"

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Ladytink_534 said...

I love this movie! The book was good too.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Ladytink, thanks for stopping by. Yeah the book is a classic to me and the film was executed pretty well. It's one of my favorite werewolf films.

mBane said...

WOW.. Thank you for re-posting this.... BUT... I'm having a problem.. Is anyone else having trouble getting it ti download from z-Share?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

mBane, you are welcome. What type of issues are you having with downloading this. From what I can tell it's been downloaded about 160 times and your comment is the first I've heard that the download had an issue. I don't know how much I can trouble shoot the z-share stuff, but let me know what problem you have having.

mBane said...

Hello & thank you Miss Mermaid, I've never come across this problem before... What happens is, when it get's to the 'click here to start the download'.. I click it & then it returns to the first Zshare screen to start the download again... Plus, it takes that action as a download.. I know that i've tried over 50 times, to no avail. I am running a mac but like I said, I've never come across this problem & What makes it double strange is, the darkside download worked (thanks for that too)... I have a pretty large collection of soundtracks, If I was to list them & offer you the links, how'd would you feel about posting it on Megaupload or Yousendit?
either way, i'll work on that list. THANKS AGAIN

mBane said...

Hello again, I've got the list.. I'm sure i've got more.. I'll have a dig... PLUS, it appears we frequent the same blogs, so there's a good chance you've seen these before but i'm sure there'll be something in here you might want.

1989 - la chiesa (the church)
1989 - symphonic suites (limited edition) - pino donaggio
a demon in my view
A Nightmare On Elm Street OST
alessandro alessandroni & nora orlandi - music for strange situations (1970s)
An American Werewolf in London
April Fool's Day OST
Attack of the killer tomatoes soundtrack
Augusto Martelli - La Collera del Vento
Batman OST
Battle Royale Ost
Bert Kaempfert - 1966 - A Man Could Get Killed
Best of Hanna-Barbera
Big Trouble in Little China OST
blow-up (the original soundtrack album) - Herbie Hancock
Booker T. & The MGs - Uptight (1968)
Buio Omega
Bullitt OST
Cannibal Ferox Zombie Flesheaters
Car Wash OST (1976)
Cleopatra Jones
coil - hellraiser themes (unreleased soundtrack)
COLD EYES OF FEAR - OST - Ennio Morricone
Conan the Barbarian OST Folder
Conan the Destroyer OST Folder
david shire - the conversation [soundtrack]
die blechtrommel (1979)
Don Julian - Shorty The Pimp (1998)
Ed Bogas - Fritiz The Cat (1972)
ennio morricone - citta violenta
ennio morricone- le foto proibite di una signora perbene
Escape from New York [1981]
Ewoks (Caravan of Courage/The Battle of Endor) - Peter Bernstein OST
ferrio, gianni - 1971 - una farfalla con le ali insanguinate
Flash Gordon_Queen
francis lai - jeune fille libre le soir - the babysitter
francis lai - la lecon particuliere
Fright Night
Great Horror Themes
hans zimmer - the power of one
House of Frankenstein 1944
House Party 1 (1990)
howard shore - scanners ost
Il Reale Impero Britannico - Perche' Si Uccidono
Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark - OST (1981)
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - 25th An
Irreversible(Thomas Bangalter) OST
Issac Hayes - Truck Turner (1974)
Jaws - The Collector's Edition Soundtrack
Jerry Goldsmith - The Boys From Brazil (Expanded)
Jerry Goldsmith - Total Recall (Deluxe Edition)
Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism
jimmy page - death wish ii
John Barry - 007 A View To A Kill (1985)
John Carpenter - Christine - OST
JOHN CARPENTER - Dark Star soundtrack (1972)
John Williams-The Fury [Original Soundtrack]
Johnny Pate - Bucktown (1975)
Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (1973)
Johnson Smith Novelty Company
Karate Bearfighter.mp3
la morte accarezza a mezzanotte
La Planate Sauvage OST
luis enriquez bacalov a ciascuno il suo (1967, )
Magic - Jerry Goldsmith OST
mario nascimbene - o.s.t. dick smart 2.007 (1967)
Mike Curb and Lawrence Brown - Mary Jane (1968)
Mike Oldfield - OST The Killing Fields (1984)
Misery OST
More Music-Fall of the Roman Empire
Motown - Smokey Robinson - Big Time (OST Tamla 1977)
Neverending Story, the (Original Score)
New Years Evil
night of the iguana,the-ost(lp)-1964-frankel-04
Night of the Living Dead - Soundtrack
Ohio Players - Mr. Mean (1977)
Pet Sematary (1989, Elliot Goldenthal)
Peter The Great - Original Television Soundtrack - Laurence Rosenthal OST
piero piccioni - ti ho sposato per allegria - 1967 (1997 avanz)
Pino Donaggio - Carrie - Ost
Pit & the Pendulum OST
profeta, il (1968) - armando trovaioli
profuma della signora in nero, il (1974) - nicola piovani
Psycho (Og Bernard Herrmann) OST
Queen & Howard Blake - Flash Gordon (Complete Score)
Quigley Down Under OST
Quincy Jones - Dollar (1972)
Requiem For A Dream - OST
Revenge Of The Nerds - We've Got Bush!
richard stone - pumpkinhead
Ripley's Mysteries
Return of the Living Dead OST
Roy Budd - Diamonds (1976)
Roy Budd - Get Carter
Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks
shogun assassin (original soundtrack)
Shuki Levy - 1980 - Dawn Of The Mummy2
Slither Score
Soundtrack Classics Vol I - Horror I
Spook Stuff For Hallowe'en (1960)
Standby me Score
stelvio cipriani - tentacoli
Stephen King's IT OST
Suspiria OST
Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack Remastered by Bernard Herrmann
That Darn Cat OST
The Blackbyrds - Cornbread, Earl, & Me (1975)
The Contender Collection OST
The Daydreamer OST
The Dunwich Horror
The Enforcer - Jerry Fielding
The Island Of Dr. Moreau - Laurence Rosenthal OST
The Italian Job (1969)
The Last Starfighter Soundtrack
The Monster Squad - Score Version #2
The Shining
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three
The Thing - OST
The Tragic Treasury - Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events
The words and music of Frankenstein
Thirteen Ghosts OST
Tourist Trap [1979] - Pino Donaggio
Tron - Wendy Carlos - OST (1982)
Various Composers - Soundtrack Classics Vol III - Zombies
Videodrome OST
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Alan Silvestri) OST
Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown Soundtrack (1975)
Willie Hutch - The Mack Soundtrack (1973)
Young Frankenstein - John Morris

The Fiji Mermaid said...

mbane, thanks for telling me what the problem is. I had a few other fellow readers alert me to a similar issue on other posts I had. I'm not sure exactly what is causing this, but what I"ll do is re-up it with a brand new link and see how that goes. I'll put a "RE-UP" message on the post and above the link letting you know it's been updated.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

mbane, Thanks for the list of soundtracks. I'll take a look through this later today.

mBane said...

Hello again, I don't wanna harass but any chance of that re up? Did you want any of those OST's listed?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

mBane, the Silver Bullet soundtrack has been re-upped. I'm using Megaupload this time.

Devious said...

Thank you for the re-up! This is my fav all-time movie and I just love the song 'Joy Ride' so much.

Horror Theatre said...

Hi there
PLEASE!!! is there a Rapidshare link to Cannibal Ferox / Zombie 2 OST ??? Can't use megaupload on my PC for some reason.
Thank you

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Horror Theater, I don't have that soundtrack/score. Sorry.

Greg Stuart Smith said...

Great score to a very fun and often scary film! Too bad it is lacking the young girl's older-self's narration! Wait, maybe that is a good thing...

This score makes me wanna go tearing around outside of town in a suped-up, fuel-injected wheelchair and let off firecrackers on a lonely bridge in the dead of night, preferably next to the woods where a werewolf is reputed to live! Oh, and during a full moon no less!

Me, as the fireworks explode in the air: "Yahoo! Yeah! Yeah! Alright! Yahoo! Yeah, that's a good one! Alright!" Then from the bushes: GRRRRRR! Oh, no! only one more roman candle left! Better make it count!!!

The Fiji Mermaid said...


Yeah it's a favorite score of mine. Chattaway did a good job with this one. Ha do you mean it's too bad the score is lacking the girl's voice over?

Ha ha ha! Every 4th of July this flick pops into my head. Fireworks and fighting werewolves, it's as American as apple pie.

Greg Stuart Smith said...

If I remember correctly, the story/movie is being narrated by the older sister Jane's adult-self, as if she's recounting a story from her childhood. It's just a very womanly sounding voice that they use.

I just looked it up, and the voice-actress was already 33 at the time they made the picture!

Anyway, I always thought this was sort of funny, because the film is set in current day 1984 or '85 (or at least I'm pretty sure it was), so that means the narrator is recounting the story from the future! That's strange, because you're not sure if that means you (as the viewer) are supposed to be from the future, too, or if she's just traveled back in time to tell us the story.

I just did a little research, and the movie is based on King's short novel CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF. It looks like the book was set in the early 80's, too, and wasn't narrated by Jane, Marty's (the main characters) sister; in fact, in the graphic novel Marty's sister's name is Kate!

Anyway, the narration from the future thing always throws me for a loop. The V.O. was really sappy, too, and totally on unnecessary. I still enjoy the movie though, and am going to have to find a copy of the novel. Cheers! -- Greg

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Greg, damn I missed your comment the first time around. Sorry man!

I never thought about your voice over issue you mentioned before. For some reason it never was a question to me, but now that you mention it, you're right it doesn't make any sense. Actually now in 2011 watching it makes sense, but upon initial release I do wonder what the heck they were thinking.

Yes, "Cycle of the Werewolf" I've read that book a bunch of times, and this flick was a pretty decent adaptation. Although, as is always the case they take some license and liberties on the film version.

D.M.Cunningham said...

Don't know why it took me so long to find this link! Awesome awesome awesome. Thank you for posting this. I've been wanting this for some time. And the MANIAC score too! Happy dance.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

D.M. I'm glad I could help you out and get you connected to some great old scores. Yeah this one and Maniac are good. Chattaway has this "quiet, sinister" vibe going on both.