Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chopping Mall
(Full Score/Soundtrack)

Today I have the Chuck Cirino's promo score for the weird sci-fi/horror flick "Chopping Mall". This score never appeared to have any formal release. I believe I got this score from a fellow blogger when I first started to dip my toe into the weird and sometimes rare soundtrack world.

The movie is about some teens who hide out in a mall after hours and end up being hunted by it's robot security system. Not a fabulous movie, but it has it's moments. The score is actually pretty good, if you are a fan of the 80s synth sound that was ever present in the 80s.

If you are interested in reading a more detailed review check out the Horror Crypt for a nice review on this flick.

"Thank you... have a nice day." - Robot

Download the score here!


Chris said...

I love this swims in the B-budget movie ranks as a rare, enjoyable horror flick. It does it's job and does it well. And your right the soundtrack is pretty darn good making the rare movie that more enjoyable... GREAT FIND!!!

ya said...
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reactiv said...

Thanks. This is probably one of the best synth scores ever.

童紫勳 said...
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The Fiji Mermaid said...

Reactiv, I would have to agree with you. It's pretty great.