Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween III: Season of the Witch
(Original out-of-print release)

Today's post is the original soundtrack release of Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This is probably the most controversial film in the series as it has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers, but don't let that idea stop you from watching if you've never seen it. I love this flick and there is a large following of people that love it as well. It has Tom Atkins for god sakes I mean that's all that really needs to be said, but beyond that it has supernatural happenings, evil masks, doom to all the children and perhaps the greatest jingle of all time. The Silver Shamrock jingle that you hear over and over throughout the movie.

I would say this is the 2nd best film in the Halloween series. The first film being the best. However it's really hard to compare The Michael Meyers storyline to this film as they are completely different aside from the doom happening on Halloween that is.

Now if we are talking soundtracks, this is the best Halloween soundtrack hands down, it's absolutley awesome. The "Main Title" and "Chariots of Pumpkins" tracks are worth getting the soundtrack alone. This long out of print soundtrack has been re-released by Alan Howarth. It's been remastered and additional bonus tracks, something worth getting if you are an avid fan.

"I do love a good joke and this is the best ever: a joke on the children."

Download the soundtrack here!


Greg Stuart Smith said...

I agree completely about the film and the score, both are gems. This is indeed the best score of the series and the second best film to the original, for me, mainly because it just IS the original film - it started it all. Otherwise, SEASON OF THE WITCH takes the cake. In fact, many believe that the film would be much more highly regarded at large, if the producers (i.e. Carpenter and his team) had not tagged on the HALLOWEEN label; it just threw everyone for a big loop not having the Myers in it. A real tragedy that so many idiots give it low marks over at places like IMDB who haven't even seen it. Anyway, I bought the re-issue, but I recommend this soundtrack and this movie! Cheers!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Greg: Good to see you really dig the flick and soundtrack. I actually like that it had "Halloween" in the name as the series was originally conceived to be different types of horror stories under the Halloween banner. I believe the 1st film was so well received that a sequel with Meyers demanded, but then they tried to run with that "halloween themed spook story" and it commercially was a failure. What a shame.