Monday, March 21, 2011

Pacific Heights
Full Score/Soundtrack

Here is the out-of-print score/soundtrack to the 1990 thriller "Pacific Heights" starring Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith. The score was composed by the prolific Hans Zimmer. This particular score is interesting in that it's only comprised of four tracks. Instead of a breakdown of each cue from the film, it's large 8 min plus suites. Fans of Zimmer and the film should enjoy this one.

Back in the mid 90s I worked at a video store and came across this flick and ended up really enjoying it and would watch it regularly in the store and the flick grew on me more. It's just a strange story about this guy systematically ruining these peoples lives and their attempt to fight back.

"You're a brave and stupid man." - Carter Hayes


Greg Stuart Smith said...

This is indeed a very watchable little thriller. It definitely doesn't inspire you to buy rental properties as an income investment! It's also a darkly humorous indictment of the criminal justice system, especially of California where the film is set, in San Francisco no less! You think you got a legitimate gripe, someone is not living up to their end of a contract, and screwing you over, so you go to the cops. "Sorry, pal. We can't do anything. In fact, we hear you're harassing the tenant for back rent, and he's filed a restraining order against you. Sorry. Nothing we can do." It's so true to life, it's scary! I can only imagine the real life events that inspired the screenwriter to come up with this story. Great soundtrack by the way! Thanks a million!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Yeah I think that strange way the criminal justice system was not working for Drake and seemed to assist in Carter Hayes destroying their home and lives was very interesting, it all seemed oddly plausible and believable. I'm glad you dig the score.