Friday, May 13, 2011

Goblin - Classic Italian Soundtracks
Vol. 3 1978-1984

Hello all. Due to numerous computer problems I've been unable to update the blog, but now I'm back in action. Today I have the compilation/collection album "Classic Italian Soundtracks: Goblin Volume III 1978-1984". That title is a mouthfull, for sure, but if you are a Goblin fan you are going to enjoy this one. It's a nice collection of Goblin's music from film and non-film work.

Normally I don't list out the track names on the soundtracks I post, but in this case I want you to know exactly what is contained here. There are some original version, suites and alternate versions of songs you've probably heard before. Personally I really enjoy the cues from "Phenomena". Enjoy!

Link is dead
  1. Buio Omega: Buio Omega (Main Title)
  2. Buio Omega: Strive After Dark (Suite)
  3. Buio Omega: Buio Omega (Alternative Take Suite)
  4. Tenebre: Tenebre Reimix
  5. Phenomena: Jennifer
  6. Phenomena: Sleepwalking
  7. Phenomena: Phenomena (Alternate Version)
  8. Il Fatastico Viaggio Del 'Bagarozzo' Mark: E Suono Rock
  9. Il Fatastico Viaggio Del 'Bagarozzo' Mark: Le Cascate De Viridiana
  10. Il Fatastico Viaggio Del 'Bagarozzo' Mark: La Danza (The Dance)
  11. Zombe: Zombi
  12. Zombi: Zaratozom
  13. Zombi: L'alba Dei Mori Viventi
  14. Amo Non Amo: Amo Non Amo
  15. Amo Non Amo: Maniera
  16.  Amo Non Amo: Yell

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