Monday, September 12, 2011

Evil Dead 2 (Full Soundtrack)
Joseph LoDuca

Keeping on track with my last Evil Dead post, I have for your listening enjoyment the score/soundtrack to the 1987 horror/comedy "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn" as composed by Joseph LoDuca.

The sequel to the original Evil Dead film was scored once again by Joseph LoDuca, which I think was a great move by Raimi to work with him again. The score here has that same vibe as the original creepy score, but I would say this score sounds a bit bigger than the previous soundtrack. This isn't a bad thing. I speculate that the score sounds richer because LoDuca was becoming a more accomplished composer and maybe the budget of the film allowed him to do a bit more.

This film is my favorite flick out of the Evil Dead trilogy, but I think I may prefer the original score just a bit more. There some really stand out tracks here. "Ash's Dream / Dancing Game / Dance Of The Dead" is the series of cues heard when you are treated to some spectacular stop motion animation zombie ballet. Enjoy!

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"Then let's head down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch."

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