Friday, January 13, 2012

Sideshow Cinema Movie Reviews Website is LIVE

Hello all faithful readers and internet ghouls looking to satisfy your out-of-print soundtrack desires I have some news for you all. Today I launched my movie review website for movies my wife and I enjoy and in some cases are so bad they're bad that they demand a review. If it wasn't obvious by now I'm way into movies and so a site where I can review those movies I love was something I've wanted to do for some time. So far we have a decent number of reviews up, but will continue to add more content as time goes on. I will also use the blog to make updates to new/choice reviews.

SIDESHOW CINEMA: Movie Review Website

Originally this blog was started with the intent of being a precursor to a movie review site and 5 yrs later that precursor has become it's own little monster all grown up and feeding soundtrack fiends. Now I have more than the original seven visitors I was seeing back in the day. I hope that you can check out the site. If you like what you see, I would be super grateful to see you include a link to it on your blogs and websites, or just a bookmark in your browser.

If by chance you have linked to this blog and want to link to the review site you could say "Sideshow Cinema: Soundtrack Blog" and "Sideshow Cinema" to differentiate the links. Thanks!!


It Came From The Man Cave said...

the new site looks great.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Thanks! I appreciate that.