Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prometheus - Full Trailer
My Thoughts, Questions, Theories

Today I had a chance to watch the Prometheus full length trailer a dozen times. I thought I'd just free form write/blog about it. Basically, just random thoughts, ideas, and things I've taken from the film. Grammar and run-on sentences will abound much like a swarm of Alien warriors on LV-426. I've read interviews and such, but not a ton of news as to really keep the surprises to a minimum for me in the form of official stuff, like this trailer and the final film.

The first two huge things that I really enjoy about the trailer are that 1) it shows much more about the story than we saw in teasers previous to this. 2) Ridley Scott's numerous interviews saying there are very few ALIEN connections, was not him being entirely honest. Which I feel was to really hit fans with this trailer and sort of bring down expectations to a degree. At the 1:40 mark we are shown the discovery of the ship from the original ALIEN that let off the beacon, that had the dead "space jockey" and alien queen eggs.

I liked that when they are discussing the maps discovered, a woman corrects them and says "not a map, an invitation". Similar to how in ALIEN, they first think the beacon they are receiving is for help, but later Ripley says "it's a warning". This does raise the question that I wondered about in ALIEN, and now with Prometheus. If that space jockey had eggs on the ship, why would his beacon be giving off a warning? Wouldn't he be really wanting something to come to the ship, so that his bio-mechanical creations could infect others (if he created them at all).

Speaking of that alien ship. It appears from the trailer that they discover it being beneath the surface of the planet they are on, which I theorize is LV-426. The reason I suspect this is because it shows them on a planet investigating/searching for alien life based on some discoveries shown at the opening of the trailer. They show the ship on some digital display that it's clearly the ship from Alien. Then we get to see the "space jockey" walking around and sit in the chair that he's later discovered on in ALIEN. Also it shows the ship emerging from the ground and from what I can tell the human explorers running their ship into the alien ship to destroy or at least keep it from taking off into space. They show an explosion as if you are on the ground looking up and see the alien ship coming down. You hear someone say the ship is planning to go to Earth, and then a female character say "we were so wrong" and "if we don't stop it, there won't be a home to go back to". Which indicates they know the ships cargo is those eggs or at the very least he holds something that could destroy the Earth.

There is a quick scene of one of the women investigating something on the planet and saying "Oh the head, it's changing" and she's crying, but looks like she's crying maybe in awe and amazement rather than fear. I wonder what that is about. Is it that human face we've seen on the marketing material? Why would a human like face be on an alien planet? Good fun questions to think about. Well that's about all I have for now... although...

Ridley said we would not see a xenomorph in this film but man... this quick shot looks eerily like one to me, if only in some kind of work of art on a wall in some alien location.

Also, since we are talking ALIEN here, I thought I should post the original 1979 trailer, since that new Prometheus trailer uses that same haunting alarm music/sound effect and quick cuts. Enjoy!

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