Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This is Boxsome!!!

Hello boys and ghouls! I wanted to share something with you all. Especially, those that are into 80s pop culture TV, movies, toys, trading cards. I'm thinking chances are high that if you have come to this blog this sort of thing will be your bag, baby!

There is a fantastic new company called Boxsome that recently started making available something they call "Nostalgia Packs". What are these you ask? I'll tell you using their own words. They are more eloquent than I. "Nostalgia Packs contain unopened trading card wax packs of your choice, stickers, some random loose cards, and more goodies. I want these to be really fun and to make you excited about getting mail again." Below I have a photo I took of the Nostalgia Pack that I received.

As you can see I got a couple of Dark Crystal wax packs, which I was able to select. They have many different wax packs that you can choose from. The old wax packs are awesome enough, but the really fun part to me is that they will throw in some random items. As you can see the random items I got are some cool Sonic pogs, Gremlins and Return of the Jedi cards, and some old school Nintendo stickers. I haven't had the heart to open the packages to look at the cards and stickers, because they just seem so cool sealed. I invite you to check out their site and buy some packs of your own. They are a great addition to your existing pop culture collection items.

Also, and I should have mentioned this earlier. Boxsome was started by Tommy Day of Top Hat Sasquatch fame. So you know this is coming from someone that knows pop culture and collecting the weird and wonderful!


Strange Kid said...

Love what Tommy has done with Boxsome! Such a simple, yet great idea. :)

Shawn Robare said...

Rad, and I love that Top Hat Sasquatch sticker!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Strange Kid: Yeah it's really pretty cool. Something that appeals to all of us for sure.

Shawn: I like that sticker as well. It looks fantastic!