Saturday, May 25, 2013

She-Ra & He-Man Puzzles
Thrift Store Finds

Just yesterday my wife stopped into a local thrift store to see if they had anything interesting on the shelves and came away with one of the best hauls of stuff I've ever seen at a store like this.

She found four in great condition and with all of their pieces She-Ra: Princess of Power puzzels from the Golden company! I believe associated with Golden Books company. The artwork and condition of these is quite fantastic. Whoever had these babies must have just kept them in storage somewhere until someone or the original owner decided to donate them to the local thrift store.  Now, not only did she just find these, but she also found a Masters of the Universe puzzle featuring Battle Armor He-Man and Buzzoff battling Skeletor and Merman. PLUS there was an old SpiderMan puzzle of him helping some boyscouts from facing death by waterfall. In the interest of time I took a photos of them with my phone to post here for your viewing pleasure. I had someone on Instagram ask if I could scan them because they wanted a nice clear copy of them. I think I'll do that later this week. Scan them all, zip them up and make the box art available for download. Click the READ MORE link below to check out the artwork.

Check out this fantastic artwork and great action scenes of some of our favorite heroes and heroines.

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