Friday, March 07, 2014

Sideshow Cinema Extends to Facebook

Well at long last my Sideshow Cinema blog has a new tentacle. I'm extending myself into the world of Facebook. The reason is sort of two-fold. One reason was to add another avenue for you boys and ghouls to connect with me and add weird pop-culture items into your Facebook news feed. I thought it would break up the normal boring fare your friends post, pictures of kids, how many miles they ran and the like. The other reason is that my own personal FB page didn't feel so fitting for most things I like to post about, the average friend on there I don't think finds it to be their cup of tea. My page is relatively new so I don't have a lot of posts for you to dig back through yet.

You might wonder why I say my new Facebook page is a another tentacle, if all you know about is this blog. Well friends I'm out there in some of the other social media arenas too, Twitter, Instagram and my movie review site that shares the name of this blog.

Join me friends... Sideshow Cinema on Facebook!

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