Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GODZILLA (2014) - Asia Trailer

I just had a chance to watch the "Asia Trailer" for the upcoming Godzilla from Legendary. This has some of the same things we've seen in the previous teasers/trailers, but shows a bit more and at least, to me, a bit more about the story. One really fantastic thing this shows is Godzilla about to square off against a new, seemingly very destructive monster. This is something that was hinted at before, but I was really hoping we'd get to see Godzilla battling another monster. The reason this is important to me as a fan is that when I think about Godzilla I think about him fighting with all sorts of fantastical creatures. The fights stand out more to me than the stories. I was a bit worried this would maybe go down the road of Godzilla 1985 or Godzilla 1998 where his only adversary was man, which to me was rather boring. I have high hopes for this flick.


Strange Kid said...

Wicked awesome! It's hard to tell what the second creature is from the angle in the trailer, but my hear wants it to be Rodan. :)

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Strange Kid, I think that second creature is a brand new monster to face off against Godzilla. I had wondered if it was Rodan too, but there are shots where it looks more bug like. On a whim I wanted to see if they were making toys based on this and came across a Bandai toy of a bug like monster and I think this is what we are seeing in the trailer.