Thursday, June 25, 2015

Living Dolls - Robert Fair

Here is the main theme from the short 1980 horror/suspense film "Living Dolls". The film was written, directed and produced by then NYU film student Todd Coleman. it played on television back in the day on USA and HBO which is one of the places I caught it the first time. It's a nice little short film with a cool reveal climax that's worth checking out. It's only about 10 min long, so not a long flick. Definitely a short-film.

The score was done by Robert Fair which is what I have available here. I unfortunately had to pull it from the not so hot source of the Youtube video. Sometimes having a cue that has some roughness to it is better than no cue. If any of you have some nice sound editing skills feel free to clean this up even more. It's got a great 70s/80s creepy vibe to it. I  created some album art for it, for those of you that like having artwork with your tracks. I just pulled some stuff from the title sequence and put something together.

Watching this now, it seems to have some small similarities to the cult favorite Maniac released in 1980. Those similarities being the mannequins  and those "inner voices' that the main character hears. I don't know which of these came out first. Is it a case of art inspiring art or where they developer separate without either filmmaker's knowing about the others work.

Below I have the full short-film in it's entirety. I highly suggest checking it out!

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