Monday, June 23, 2014

Scared to Death (1980) - Trailer

Today I had some strange memory pop into my mind about an early 80s horror film called "Scared to Death". I first saw just a bit of it back in 1995 when  I worked at a mom & pop VHS rental store. Due to the occasional boredom I would wander around the store looking at the various movies in particular genres we had. I gravitated to the horror section mostly just to look at the sometimes weird and often memorable box art. One movie that would jump out to me was called Scared to Death. It had what looked like a sort of H.R. Giger designed creature on the cover holding a girls head in it's hands. The synopsis on the back sounded interesting, so I watched just a few minutes of it in the store when there weren't any customers around. It seemed kind of cool, but I never went back to it, for whatever reason. I think I just forgot about it.

Then in 2002 or so I was at a Blockbuster video and saw it again. I rented it and was for the most part pleasantly surprised. It was a sort-of Sci-Fi/Horror flick. Nothing overly original. Felt like a slasher type film, but it had a weird monster that was more, like a said earlier an Alien-esque rip-off in design. Now, that being said, it actually looks pretty cool. Now on the off chance you've forgotten about this movie, or never heard of it, check out the trailer and see if it's something you want to track down. The trailer actually does a fairly good job of making you want to see it and not giving away too much.


Dex said...

I wonder if that monster is related to Pumpkinhead?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Dex: Perhaps a distant cousin. ;-)