Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FACT's 100 Greatest Horror Soundtracks 

Boys and ghouls I came across a fairly thorough/expansive list at where they listed the 100 greatest horror soundtracks of all-time. I originally misread the link when I saw it in my Twitter feed and thought it was a top 10. If you know anything about me and what this blog was originally about, it was soundtracks. 

When I hear a top 10 list being thrown out there, I immediately get skeptical. I expect it to be too mainstream (not that there's anything wrong with some of the big guns out there),  that there are so many excellent scores that your average horror movie viewer doesn't know about that no list can be dead on. However, this is 100... a HUNDRED so they are able to really pull in a great selection of soundtracks. Of course you won't/don't love them all, but I think you'll be pleased at what they put together. It honestly turned me onto a few scores I wasn't all that familiar with. So give it a read, especially fans of this blog that liked it more back in the good 'ol days.

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