Monday, October 13, 2014

The Retroist
Saturday Frights Podcast 

Hello boys and ghouls since we are mid-way through October and I imagine many of you are out there seeking strange and spooky type of entertainment. I feel it's my duty to share with you that really cool stuff I see other websites/blogs are putting out there that seem to tap into my sensibilities. 

The website The Retroist  has been putting out a new podcast series called "Saturday Frights" hosted by Vic Sage and the mysterious character by the name of The Projectionist. They have nearly 20 episodes that are touching on film and television with an eye to the scary and creepy. They give a breakdown of the story and provide their ideas, insights and some cool trivia.  On their latest episode they discuss the Tales from the Darkside story "Inside the Closest". I posted about that episode a couple of weeks ago on here, because I love it so much. I suggest you guys give them a listen. It's a great time and fun to hear people who are way into this stuff like we are.

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