Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blanco & The Jacka Ft. Freeway - "Submit"
"They Live" homage video

Many of you probably aren't aware that I'm a big west coast rap music fan. I don't generally discuss that topic here since it's quite rare where my love of horror, science fiction and pop culture elements cross paths with my musical interests. Well my friends, I have for your listening and viewing pleasure one of those path crossing events. Rappers Blanco and The Jacka put out an album called "OBEY" that was an album with the movie They Live as the theme. The album artwork uses Frank Shepard Fairey's "OBEY Giant" artwork that was itself inspired by They Live. The album song titles also are based on the words seen on posters, magazines, billboards and television when the character Nada has on the dark sunglasses in the film. The official video for the song "SUBMIT" splices in clips from They Live with the rappers, Blanco, The Jacka and Freeway performing. The footage with the rappers is done in black & white and has "subliminal" clips of words on black appearing throughout. I really love that they went all out on the video keeping the They Live theme going. Enjoy!

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