Friday, June 12, 2015

Wolfmen of Mars - GAMISU

Hello all! It's my pleasure to inform you all that the Wolfmen of Mars put out a brand new album this month (June 2015). The album it titled GAMISU. The albums sound and theme is described by the Wolfmen as "Chaotic kaiju music, transmitted from the great beyond". Which I probably couldn't have explained it better myself. I've spoken about the Wolfmen Of Music quite a bit over the years and the way I've always seen their music is this amalgamation of music that appeared to be influenced by 1960s, 70s and 80s horror and science-fiction films. The overall vibe and sound just has that feel to me. When I'm listening to their music there are so many elements that take my mind back to film and television from that time. It's a a soundtrack to my memories... my nostalgia.

This album is 11 tracks deep and I've been listening to it quite a bit and with any album there are songs that stand out to me more than others. The ones I really dug are "All Those Terrible Times", "Mouth Like Piranha", "Assault with a Perfect Weapon", "Electric Snakeskin and ”No English”. Check it out for yourself to see what tracks you are feeling. Below I have a player where you can preview all of the tracks... and below that I have a little video/audio mashup I did with some old footage from a Thundercats episode and the Wolfmen's song "Assault with a Perfect Weapon". I think this visualizes what I was talking about as far as their sound and my memories of TV and films of the past. Enjoy!

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