Friday, July 24, 2015

Starry Eyes (2014)
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Recently a friend told me to check out this movie Starry Eyes (2014). He knew I'm a horror fan and fan of the weird out-there type of movies. From his brief info, as I didn't ask too many details, it sounded like something I'd like to check out. He told me the soundtrack definitely I'd love as it's quite synth heavy. Kind of that retro synth sound that I've seen popping up in some "recent" horror films, which I absolutely love. The 70s/80s era of synth scores are my bread and butter. So I'm checking this flick out now and about 1/2 hr from the end. So far it's very interesting and strange I'm hoping it wraps up nicely at the end. So far so good.

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Pinky Royale said...

(Mild Spoilers) While I liked most things about this movie, the brutality of the killings in the house kind of got to me. I'm down with horror and ridiculous violence, but when it gets too real (Casino's cornfield scene, all of the Snowtown Murders) I can't truck. Other than that, good stuff. Gross, visceral, creepy. I don't recall the score but I'll go check it on your recommendation.