Sunday, October 04, 2015

Cheap Trick - “Gonna Raise Hell” (Song)
31 Days of Halloween Music

Today's musical selection on the surface my not seem very fitting to the Halloween theme I'm running with. Sure the song title has "hell" in it, but upon first listen you may not see why I'm associating it with Halloween. It's inclusion to my playlist completely plays on it appearing in the Halloween episode of the "Freaks & Geeks" TV series. The episode is called "Tricks and Treats", the song makes it's appearance when the the "geeks" of the show are getting into their Halloween costumes. It's a great soundtrack inclusion to the scene. After hearing it there I completely associate this track with the Halloween season. Musically it's not spooky or anything, but they do keep saying "hell" over and over and it's association with this episode made it a great addition to my playlist. It's definitely going to add some classic rock to the mix which isn't a bad thing.

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