Monday, October 12, 2015

Dokken - “Dream Warriors" (Song)
31 Days of Halloween Music

Here is yet another of those favorites of mine. A song written for and based on a specific horror film. In this case it's Dokken's song "Dream Warriors" from the 1987 film "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors". This is the same year we saw and heard the Alice Cooper track "He's Back" from "Friday the 13th part VI". It was a an excellent year for horror films and the music they spawned, kids! Dokken was from the genre of 80s metal/hair metal bands. Where they hardcore, hell I don't know? Bigger connoisseurs of the genre can debate that one. What I do know is this is a bad ass Freddy centric track. The video shows Dokken performing and clips are cut in from the film which I always enjoy. The stage sets Dokken appears on are reminiscent of locations we see in the film which is visually pretty cool and helps to bridge the gap between Dokken's footage and the film footage. There is some minor original footage of Robert Englund as Freddy at the end of the video which is cool. Give it a listen, chances are that chorus will stick with you long into the night.

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