Thursday, October 01, 2015

Donovan - "Season of the Witch" (Song)
31 Days of Halloween Music

I thought the first track of my "31 Days of Halloween Music" posts should be this 1966 song, "Season of the Witch", by psychedelic rock artist Donovan. I feel like it captures a feeling of the season that I hope all the songs I post about have. I actually first heard it about 6 years ago or so on a podcast Kevin Smith did. He had it at the end or beginning of a pod where they talked about witches and warlocks. I thought it was an excellent track and it quickly was added to my ongoing Halloween playlist.

"Season of the Witch" is an early example of psychedelic rock, written by Donovan and first released in September 1966 on his Epic Records (USA) album, Sunshine Superman.

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