Monday, October 19, 2015

The Elm Street Group Ft. Robert Englund - “Don’t Sleep”: 31 Days for Halloween Music

If it's not apparent by now I'm a huge Freddy Krueger fan as this is now the third song that is connected to him in some way. This particular track is exceptional as its from the album "Freddy's Greatest Hits" released in 1987. This albums existence is a testament as to how huge Freddy's popularity was at that time. (Not to say he's not popular now, but this was Freddy's heyday).

The album is credited to be by the Elm Street Group, who I have always believed was a group of very talented studio musicians and producers. I'm not digging for the info on this one, as I like this belief I concocted since I was a little kid and first got this album. There are a mix of cover songs and original stuff. The original tracks such as the one I have for you here are among my favorites. Best of all Robert Englund actually appears on the songs in his Freddy persona. He doesn't sing at all, but just add lines and laughter to the track but that's really all I want. It keeps the music on a more serious plane and works best. I think if Robert had been on there singing and carrying on it wouldn't have been good. This particular track his lines just add this classic Freddy spookiness to the music.