Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wee Sing for Halloween - “Have You Seen the Ghost of John?”: 31 Days for Halloween Music

Today's track is called "Have You Seen the Ghost of John?" from the Wee Sing music catalog and their album called "Wee Sing for Halloween", which quite honestly has some real gems on it. It's definitely geared for young kids, but there are some really excellent tracks such as this one I absolutely love. The kids run through the songs lyrics twice as a group, then they go back through the song as individuals with each kid starting the song just a few lines after the kid before him. It's done so excellently and gives it an even more haunting vibe. The music is great too. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on youtube, so  I have a link below that will take you to a site that has a nice high quality version snippet to give you a small sense of the track. Enjoy!

Have You Seen the Ghost of John? audio snippet.

"Have you seen the ghost of John?
Long white bones with the skin all gone
Oooh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?"

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