Friday, September 16, 2016

Tales from the Darkside - The Milkman Cometh tv promo

As we get into that fall Halloween season I encourage you to go out and search for strange and spooky things to watch. A good ol standby of fun entertainment is the anthology tv show "Tales from the Darkside" which I've talked about a fair amount of time on here about.

The series admittedly is hit or miss as I've seen. There are some great episodes and then some duds. That tends to be the case with any series. I have some favorites for sure. One of them is the episode called "The Milkman Cometh". This one has a strange little story about a man (Robert Forster) that is somewhat down on his luck and finds that the neighborhood milkman has the ability to make his wishes come true. For a while there seems to be only an upside to this relationship... but as we know this is the darkside so things can turn on him. This one has an intriguing story and I like that they don't go out of their way to explain to much and let your imagination run with it a bit. Robert Forster definitely helps in this one. His performance brings more to the role than some other less experienced actor. Check out the old 1984 commercial for the episode below. If you are intrigued I suggest you track the episode down.

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