Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tombstone Pizza - Halloween Branding

Now that Halloween is getting into full swing the mundane places like the grocery store are are seeing their shelves populated with Halloween branded food.

Walking past the frozen pizza section I spotted Tombstone Pizza's bold proclamation that they are the "official pizza of Halloween". I've always thought of the name "tombstone" to be more Wyatt Earp in my mind, but thinking about it Tombstone does fit if you look at the word from the graveyard perspective. It's not the worst of the frozen variety, but not the best either. The packaging isn't bad. The different toppings have different monsters. Hit up your local grocery store if you are interested.


Bob Johns said...

That is actually cool looking! I'm not a fan of the Moster Cereals this year I hate the packaging.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Yeah, I saw the new Monster Cereal designs. I don't think they look good either. I saw some retro box art at the store for Monster Cereals. Those look much better.