Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scared To Death (1980) - Full Movie

Today I bring to your attention a fairly forgotten horror film from 1980 called "Scared to Death". I wasn't aware of this film until 1994 during a time when I worked at a local "mom and pop" VHS rental store. When business was slow I'd just wander the store looking at VHS box art. I stumbled across "Scared to Death" in the horror section and was instantly drawn to the box art that appeared to have a knock-off Alien grabbing a woman to attack or kiss. The write up on the back didn't say a whole hell of a lot, but just enough to make it sound interesting. Oddly I never rented it until nearly 10 years later. It's definitely low budget and it shows for the most part, whether it be the overall look of the production and actor's performances. It's not a train wreck, but just not as polished as other films of that time. The way I describe the film is "Alien"+"Halloween"+"Alligator". It has elements of those films concurrently going on in this picture. On paper, it sounds like a smash hit, in practice, it's not the classic it could be.

 The monster in the film is actually very cool looking and is an homage to the Alien design. Honestly, the monster is worth the price of admission on this one.

If you're looking for an old 70s/80s horror film you have never seen before, I suggest you queue this one up and waste about an hour and a half of your life. You won't get that time back, but it's worth the loss.

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