Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Pit (1981) - Full Movie

Did my previous post about "Scared To Death" get you interested in tracking down horror films from the 80s that don't seem to have wide acclaim, but are nevertheless fun and quirky? Well I've got another one for you. Here is the 1981 horror film "The Pit". It's a really odd flick about a loner young boy that discovers a hole, a pit as it were out in the woods that contain some weird humanoid beast creatures he call "Tralogs". They feel like some type of monsters that fell out of the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. The kid in the film is a very odd character. Kids his age don't seem to like him and the adults of the town don't like him either. His only friend is his babysitter that stays at his house while his parents are out of town. Because he has so few friends, these monsters are something he seems to become fond of in the same way  kid would find a puppy want to take care of it. Sounds like a weird flick... why not check it out and make your own determination.

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