Thursday, March 22, 2018

Archie Horror - Vampironica now available!

Back in December 2017, it was announced that a new title from the Archie Horror comic imprint would be "Vampironica". A take on the classic Archie Comics character, Veronica, as a vampire. Well it's finally March 2018 and this series is now available.

The following quote comes from the original December press release from Archie Comics about this series. I would love to read this series especially when the creators are coming from the place of classic horror films, at least in my book.

I’d say that our biggest influences are American Werewolf in London and Fright Night. Both films can be quite horrific but there’s also a lot of strong characterization and humor to them,” said artist Greg Smallwood. “I think horror works best with a small dose of comedy for levity so we’ve used the same formula on Vampironica.

Vampironica is here!

To add to this post and being that I'm a big music, soundtrack fan. I'm embedding the song "Nightkiller" by M.A.D.E.S. I feel it shall enhance and serve as a soundtrack to the imagery and imagination of this post.