Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Carpenter Brut - “Leather Teeth” album.

French electronic / synth wave artist Carpenter Brut has a new release out called “Leather Teeth” it’s a “soundtrack” to a film concept that Carpenter Brut came up with… I’ll let the official press release copy more eloquently say it…

“Leather Teeth is the soundtrack to a movie envisioned by Carpenter Brut, one that tells the story of a shy American teenager, Bret Halford, who can’t get the girl and will do anything he can to win her over, including becoming the singer of one of the most talked about bands in mid-‘80s glam-metal, Leather Patrol.

Musically, Carpenter Brut says the new album is a ‘pure frenzy like Master of Puppets, or any of the good old metal albums: eight tracks wrapped in 32 minutes of sound. Put it on repeat if it’s too short.”

It was released in late February, but I only recently discovered it on my own. It's quite a treat. It’s got the classic Brut synth wave stuff and some metal guitar stuff added to it to kick it up. If the genre is your bag don’t miss this one.

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