Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another great blog

I have discovered a great new blog (new to me anyway) in the last couple of weeks. "Soundtracks Lover", this guy has an amazing number of shares available... and one notable score for the many people who have visited my blog for "Bloodsport". He has a link to the recently limited release of Paul Hertzog's "Kickboxer" score! I'm telling you that that score is worth getting just for the tracks "The Eagle Lands" and "Advanced Training".

Also, I have re-upped the Neon Maniacs "End Theme" from a request I got, so the link is live again. Look for it down below in my July 13, 2007 post.

1 comment:

R K said...

Yeah, its a great blog, it just hasn't been update in so long. I wonder what happened?