Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rap and Horror Movies come together.

I was going to begin posting a whole bunch of horror/sci-fi film soundtracks here to get in the spirit of Halloween, but as I am quite a fan of soundtracks I'm also a big fan of West Coast gangster rap. Before, I start posting other soundtracks I wanted to drop this out there for fans of either soundtack scores or rap music. There have been a few rappers that have incorporated some great horror scores into their songs.

Today I have 3 rap songs using samples from some great scores to make pretty great sounding music. I like to see strange unexpected samples like this as opposed to the same James Brown and Parliement samples used over and over.

Check out these tracks if you have an interest in either genre. I have included both the rap song and the original score track that was used for the song. Let me know what you think.

1. Brotha Lynch Hung - Death Dance (sample of "Tommy Tells of Ghost Ships" from The Fog score).

2. Brotha Lynch Hung - It's Just Me (sample of "Love On A Real Train" from Risky Business).

3. Master P - Pass Me Da Green (sample of "Intro & Main Title" from Phantasm).

Download the tracks here!

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Shredgirl said...

Can you re-up these? I wouldn't mind hearing them.