Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween II
(full score/soundtrack)

Here is John Carpenter's score/soundtrack to the sequel of his hugely popular Halloween film. This is the original out-of-print release that came out years ago. The soundtrack is very enjoyable, in many aspects it's a retread of the original Halloween soundtrack, but done in a very enjoyable way. The Halloween main theme is here, but reworked and quite excellent. The very beginning of the main theme has this slow build up to the classic theme and it's by far my favorite track on the album. Also "Laurie's Theme" is similar to the "Haunted House" theme from the original soundtrack. It's reworked, but enjoyable.

I bought this soundtrack long ago on cassette along with Charles Bernstein's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" score. I can still remember that creepy feeling the songs gave me listening to them when I was little. Good times.

"If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car, a lot more people are going to be slaughtered tonight."
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tbiggs said...

I'm having a problem downloading this...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

tbiggs said...

Download worked! Thanks so much!

Natalia said...

Awesome blog. You have shared the soundtrack of so many older movies on your blog that is really appreciating. I just bookmarked it and will also recommend it to all my friends too. Keep sharing !
Halloween II Movie