Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fright Night 2 - Mini Soundtrack (5 songs)

Here is my follow up to the "Fright Night" various artists soundtrack. The mini soundtrack to the 1988 sequel "Fright Night 2". "I didn't know there was a soundtrack released for this movie" you may be asking yourself. To answer that question, no there was never an official release. What I have here a collection of songs that appeared in the movie. Two of them "Come to Me" and "Regine's Dance" were ripped from the movie as best I can tell. "Come to Me" by Deborah Holland is the stand out in this bunch.
"Such a thing simply could not happen twice, Charley! "
Download the mini soundtrack here!Link is Dead

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fright Night - Various Artists Soundtrack

Here is the various artists soundtrack release to the horror classic Fright Night, one of my top 10 favorite movies ever! The soundtrack is also one of my favorite soundtracks as well. This soundtrack has been out of print for a long time, but there are many Fright Night fans that I'm sure don't have this in their music collection.

The movie is a terrific mix of horror and comedy, that as far as I'm concerned is the best vampire movie ever! I won't go on and on about this one because if you've gotten this far then you know exactly what the soundtrack has in store for you.

"Oh, you're so COOL Brewster!"

Download the soundtrack here!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night of the Creeps (2 track Download)

Today I have two tracks from the classic film "Night of the Creeps". The film was scored by Barry De Vorzon. I originally came across these when the score wasn't released and someone was able to pull the audio from the source film. The two tracks, one of them being heard when the students are getting ready for their dance. The other is a suite if sorts that has some suspense music and love theme mixed into one track. This score was never released until 2009. La-La Land Records was able to give it a release in time for Halloween last year. However that release was a limited edition to 2000 copies. If you can't get your hands on that, but want to hear some music from the film check out this download now.

"Detective, other than confessing to a murder, is there a point to this conversation? "

Download the two tracks here!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween II
(full score/soundtrack)

Here is John Carpenter's score/soundtrack to the sequel of his hugely popular Halloween film. This is the original out-of-print release that came out years ago. The soundtrack is very enjoyable, in many aspects it's a retread of the original Halloween soundtrack, but done in a very enjoyable way. The Halloween main theme is here, but reworked and quite excellent. The very beginning of the main theme has this slow build up to the classic theme and it's by far my favorite track on the album. Also "Laurie's Theme" is similar to the "Haunted House" theme from the original soundtrack. It's reworked, but enjoyable.

I bought this soundtrack long ago on cassette along with Charles Bernstein's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" score. I can still remember that creepy feeling the songs gave me listening to them when I was little. Good times.

"If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car, a lot more people are going to be slaughtered tonight."
link is dead

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween III: Season of the Witch
(Original out-of-print release)

Today's post is the original soundtrack release of Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This is probably the most controversial film in the series as it has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers, but don't let that idea stop you from watching if you've never seen it. I love this flick and there is a large following of people that love it as well. It has Tom Atkins for god sakes I mean that's all that really needs to be said, but beyond that it has supernatural happenings, evil masks, doom to all the children and perhaps the greatest jingle of all time. The Silver Shamrock jingle that you hear over and over throughout the movie.

I would say this is the 2nd best film in the Halloween series. The first film being the best. However it's really hard to compare The Michael Meyers storyline to this film as they are completely different aside from the doom happening on Halloween that is.

Now if we are talking soundtracks, this is the best Halloween soundtrack hands down, it's absolutley awesome. The "Main Title" and "Chariots of Pumpkins" tracks are worth getting the soundtrack alone. This long out of print soundtrack has been re-released by Alan Howarth. It's been remastered and additional bonus tracks, something worth getting if you are an avid fan.

"I do love a good joke and this is the best ever: a joke on the children."

Download the soundtrack here!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives
Full Score/Soundtrack

Today I have a treat in the spirit of Halloween and those of you that want to add to your halloween party background music as well as hard core Friday the 13th fans that have agonized on finding a score to "Jason Lives." I've created new album art for this one as the album art that was floating around out there for this soundtrack was pretty ugly and all around bad quality.

Open up your halloween big for this massive 58 track download. It contains all of the cues from the film that as far as I know was taken from an old DAT tape of the film or a supposed release that is long since out of print. As a bonus to the Harry Manfredini music you'll also get the Alice Cooper and Felony songs that appeared in the flick. This is quickly becoming my favorite Friday film. I watch them enough my favorites tend to change like the wind.

"Jason's not in his grave! Hawes is. Dig it up! You gotta dig it up! You gotta dig it up! "

Download the full soundtrack here!