Friday, March 25, 2011

Critters- David Newman
(Expanded Soundtrack)

Here I have available the score to the 1986 sci-fi/horror film "Critters". The score was composed by David Newman. This release I have here is actually the original score, plus the pop music tracks heard in the film making it an expanded version of the soundtrack that I got from my friend The Long Island Ripper at the Inferno Music Vault. I believe his buddy Phaota provided the additional pop tracks and some additional cues not heard on the original release, which is really excellent for fans of the film so hats off to them. To add my own little touch to this release I created some album art based on one of the original posters for the film. Newman's score is pretty enjoyable, but the crown jewel of the score is "Critter Skitter". I'd say this is worth downloading just for that track alone.

My friend Freddy's Fingers from The Paradise of Horror blog was recently talking about "Critters" and I had to post this one. Enjoy! I have added the trailer to the film below. One thing that I find odd about it is that it doesn't use Newman's score, but uses a cue from Charles Bernstein's score to "A Nightmare On Elm Street". I wonder why this is, aside from it being a New Line Cinema release. Maybe Newman's score wasn't ready at the time the trailer was cut.

"We're here for the Crites."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pacific Heights
Full Score/Soundtrack

Here is the out-of-print score/soundtrack to the 1990 thriller "Pacific Heights" starring Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith. The score was composed by the prolific Hans Zimmer. This particular score is interesting in that it's only comprised of four tracks. Instead of a breakdown of each cue from the film, it's large 8 min plus suites. Fans of Zimmer and the film should enjoy this one.

Back in the mid 90s I worked at a video store and came across this flick and ended up really enjoying it and would watch it regularly in the store and the flick grew on me more. It's just a strange story about this guy systematically ruining these peoples lives and their attempt to fight back.

"You're a brave and stupid man." - Carter Hayes

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Race With the Devil
Leonard Roesenman
Soundtrack (Movie Audio Rip)

 Today I have a bootleg soundtrack from the 1975 action/thriller "Race With the Devil" starring Peter Fonda and Warren Oates. This soundtrack was created by ripping audio from the original film by the person who runs the The Master Cylinder blog, so credit goes to them. There was never an official release of Leonard Rosenman's score and as many of you soundtrack fiends know, any soundtrack is better than no soundtrack. I can live with audio rips if that's the best you can find. I admittedly haven't seen this flick yet, but after seeing the trailer from time to time it's one I must see. The Better Geek Than Never website recently reviewed the flick and that only increased my desire to see this flick. Check out their review it's a fun read.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In Search Of... - Full Soundtrack
W. Michael Lewis & Laurin Rinder

Here is a soundtrack that has been long out of print that I was looking for, but knew very little about. It's the soundtrack for the old television series that ran from 1976 to 1982"In Search Of..." hosted by Leonard Nimoy. The show investigated paranormal types of topics and attempted to uncover the truths surrounding them.

One surprise that I can't say is good or bad about the soundtrack is that some of the songs seems like definite cues taken right from the show which I love, but other tracks have a heavy disco vibe going for them which includes the main theme. I would have liked to hear just straight music from the show along with the great into. However, as I listen to it more some of those disco infused tunes have grown on me. If you are a fan of the show I would recommend checking this out.

"This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producer's purpose is to suggest some possible explanations, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine."