Saturday, October 01, 2011

Countdown to Halloween:
13 Days of Halloween
Rhythm and Boos

Here is my first post specifically geared toward the Countdown to Halloween blogging marathon this month.

What I have here is a download of the out-of-print "13 Days of Halloween: Rhythm and Boos" CD. This CD was actually released as a "treat" in Monster cereal boxes back in October of 2001. The album is a bit strange as it was done with the Fox Family Channel, so 98% of the songs are performed as scary songs from shows on that channel at that time. Some are forgettable, but there are some nice gems on there.

The crown jewel of the CD and why I'd say it's worth downloading is the final track. It's a nearly 17 min. log sound effects track. It sounds like creepy/spooky sounds from a marsh or swamp. Those who really dig the old horror sound effects albums should get this to add to their collection. Also, if you are just a fiend for Halloween related music and want to add to your growing collection this isn't bad to own. Below is the track list so that you can see what you are in store for.

Track Listing:
  1. Count Chocula Intro (0:40)
  2. Paul Gordon – Fox Family Halloween Countdown Theme (1:54)
  3. Baha Men – It's Spooky In Here (Digimon Halloween Song) (2:39)
  4. Sue Rose – I'm Gonna Scare You (Angela Anaconda Halloween Song) (2:37)
  5. Danny Smith (2) – Big Wolf Opening Theme (From Big Wolf On Campus) (0:32)
  6. Wally Wingert – The Haunt Of Room 402 (The Kids From Room 402 Halloween Song) (2:56)
  7. Baha Men – It's Spooky In Here (Bonus Junkanoo Mix) (Digimon Halloween Song) (2:39)
  8. Michael Whitaker – Halloween Overture (2:11)
  9. Ron Salaises – The Sounds Of Halloween (16:58)


Bob Johns said...

Great first post for Halloween. This looks cool I will have to check it out.

Zer0_II said...

@Fiji Mermaid: I searched for an e-mail contact on your profile, but I noticed you didn't have one posted. I am also participating in Halloween Countdown 2011 with my music blog - Digital Meltd0wn. I'm asking the admins of a few of my favorite horror-related music blogs if they would like to guest-blog on Digital Meltd0wn. Please leave a message over on my blog, or shoot me an e-mail (link in profile) to let me know what you think about this whenever you see this. Thank you and take care.


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