Monday, October 17, 2011

Countdown to Halloween:
Great Ghost Stories - 4 Track LP rip

Hello, today I have a download for an old scary children's story album that came out in 1973 on the Troll record label. It's a collection of four scary ghost stories, aptly named "Great Ghost Stories". The audio was ripped by someone else from the original LP, as this hasn't been a CD release as far as I know of.

The audio has some hissing and popping, but in the case of this album I think helps to bring back that feeling of sitting there listening to an old LP, as was often done in the days of yore. The stand out story to me in this collection is "The Golden Arm". Enjoy!

Link is dead
  1. The Golden Arm
  2. The Guitar Player
  3. Here We Go!
  4. The Mysterious Shipwreck

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