Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrift Store: Storm Shadow, Barbie and Hip-Hop

Many years ago there was a blog, that is now abandoned, called "Thrift Store Adventures" and this guy would go out and browse thrift stores and take pictures of the cool, weird and just strange things he found. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and got a new appreciation for those kinds of stores. Eventually my wife and I started going to some to hunt for cool items. I once saw two Stridor robo-horse He-Man vehicles and thought "wow this stuff must be here all the time".
Sadly, I was wrong and finding gems is far and few between, but very fun when you do. So when we are out we take pictures of the things we find and occasionally buy. I'll post pictures here of the stuff that turned out well photo wise or was just worth sharing on the blog. If you want to see more picts that don't make it to the blog you can follow me on Instagram @ FijiMermaid and my wife @DiscoHulk. Enjoy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers
Where Are They Now?

This weeks League topic from Cool & Collected is as follows.

"The 80′s and 90′s were filled with kids and teens in the movies. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in 2012 with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me."

I thought about this and in many cases they've done sequels for movies I love, and those sequels have not been good generally. There are some classics to me however, Aliens, Terminator 2 and Clerks 2. Nine times out of ten, sequels to great movies are a bad idea, so I thought, why not see a sequel to a movie that was disturbing from the start? One that wasn't necessarily a classic, but one that captured my imagination and sickened me at the same time. I propose a sequel to Larry Clarke/Harmony Korine's disturbing cult classic KIDS.

This is a movie I first saw back in 1995 in high school and I must say then I found aspects of it disturbing and bizarre to say the least, but being close to the age of these people I mentally let some stuff slide. However, as the years go by and I re-watch it, it becomes more and more disturbing as the characters and their ages are frozen in time and I have aged. This is one whacked out flick.

I think I would like to see just how absolutely disturbing these people's lives have become. They'd have to up the freakishness by 250% to really top the original flick and get me in the front row seat, but if they succeeded in that I'd watch it. The original is like a train wreck or a car crash you spot while driving down the road. It's awful, but you can't look away.

What do the other League members think? Look no further...

That Figures ponders the possibilities of Indiana Jones in 30 yrs... wait what?!?!

AEIOU wants to see a grown up Sarah battle Jereth in the Labyrinth 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Cool and Collected wants to see the Dinner Club with John Bender a ticking time bomb!

Michael May's Adventure Blog wants to see the ageless Tom Cruise, Mira Sara and Tim Curry create another Legend.

Double Dumbass On You would like to see Monster Squad 2: Monster harder and a presumably washed up bunch of monsters hunters.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers
Unlimited Space & Budget

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers theme, idea this week is one that really can give you some hard core thinking to do. Hell I've known what the topic was for 6 days and I finally arrived at an answer to this question...

"You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?"

After much thought I settled on one thing... an original screen used DeLorean from any of the "Back to the Future" trilogy of films. I love cars with character from movies and to be able to have a street legal version of any of those cars from film and television would be cool, but the DeLorean would be the crown jewel to me.

It has a distinct head turner kind of look that I would certainly enjoy and a spectacular design that I really like. Sadly it's only a pipe dream... and the closest I can get to it is this.

Check out some other bloggers dream memorabilia:

If I had the money, I would go ape!

Tron lightcycle.

A contract signing over all intellectual property rights to the Universal Monsters.

A full-size replica of an AT-ST Scout walker as seen in the Star Wars films.

Full size One Eyed Willie's Pirate ship from "Goonies"… and of course the cave in which to house it.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers
Saturday Matinee

Here is my first foray into the "League of Extraordinary Bloggers" headed up by the "Cool and Collected" blog, which I highly suggest you check out. Each week they will propose a blogging idea in the realm of pop culture, movies, toys, music, what have you. Here is this weeks topic. (I may refine how I post this with less explanatory stuff, but as this is the first of this kind I felt it necessary.)

"What movie is, or was, your “go to” Saturday matinee — the comfort movie you always popped into the VCR on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the movie you watched over and over again, driving your parents crazy while you recited the lines along with the characters on the screen?"

I would say that if there was one flick I've seen a million times and can pretty much watch anytime of the day now and then it's the original "Fright Night" from 1985. My dad originally rented it for a sleepover birthday party when I was 9 or 10 yrs old. The first time I saw it, it captured my imagination. It has a very re-watchable story, fantastic performances for the various roles the film calls for, great practical effects and a superb score by Brad Fiedel. It, basically, is to me a perfect movie. I'm a huge fan of the 80s era of films, that those who know me through Twitter and readers of this blog know, given my soundtrack selections. I must say one of the more memorable moments of the film is when Jerry Dandrige claims a female escort victim as seen through the eyes of his high school student neighbor, Charley Brewster. Charley sees Jerry disrobe the young woman and there were howls of excitement from my young friends. Real live breasts on screen! All guests' eyes were fixed to the screen, with the exception of my mother who was busy asking my dad "WHAT did you rent for the boys?!?!" Good times... good times.

I've written a full length review of the film on my companion site to this blog Sideshow Cinema that you can check out. (Ahh the pimp in me lives to promote my wares!)

Check out some other bloggers Saturday Matinee Favorites:
"Thundarr was my gateway drug, but then along came Dar and I was hopelessly hooked on the barbarian barbituate."

"I didn’t have a lot of VHS tapes growing up but the two I watched quite often were 'Star Wars' and 'The Goonies'. Actually, every summer I would watch 'The Goonies' on the last night before school would start or as close to it as I could get."

"Without a doubt the biggest cornerstone movie of my childhood would have to be Raiders of the Lost Ark."

"While you might expect me to take this question and set off on another Karate Kid or Ferris Bueller tangent, my go-to movie wasn't either of those... but 1985's "Poison Ivy".

Geek Chunks:
Since I didn’t really have any friends to actually go outside and play with it was all movies, movies, movies for me and Saturday was no exception. It was hard to pick just one movie so I picked the one that popped into my head first. Weird Science!

"It was something I watched countless times on HBO, and was one of four films (including Rad, The Monster Squad and Transformers the Movie) that I religiously rented from video stores every weekend.  Most importantly, it's a film that I never tire of and one that I've never discussed on Branded before. That film is Red Dawn."

Now I know, you're all out there expecting me to pull some monster movie out of my hat since that is what this blog is primarily about (my love of monsters, not hats or magic tricks involving hats) and I hate to disappoint you all. I mean I could say it's Destroy All Monsters, House of Frankenstein or Phantom of the Paradise...but it isn't.
It's Yellow Submarine.

Pendragon's Post:
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the first Indy flick I saw. Being an only child, I got to go to the movies with my parents fairly often, and even the PG-13 rating didn’t keep me from meeting what would become my crush and my hero."