Sunday, February 19, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers
Unlimited Space & Budget

This weeks League of Extraordinary Bloggers theme, idea this week is one that really can give you some hard core thinking to do. Hell I've known what the topic was for 6 days and I finally arrived at an answer to this question...

"You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?"

After much thought I settled on one thing... an original screen used DeLorean from any of the "Back to the Future" trilogy of films. I love cars with character from movies and to be able to have a street legal version of any of those cars from film and television would be cool, but the DeLorean would be the crown jewel to me.

It has a distinct head turner kind of look that I would certainly enjoy and a spectacular design that I really like. Sadly it's only a pipe dream... and the closest I can get to it is this.

Check out some other bloggers dream memorabilia:

If I had the money, I would go ape!

Tron lightcycle.

A contract signing over all intellectual property rights to the Universal Monsters.

A full-size replica of an AT-ST Scout walker as seen in the Star Wars films.

Full size One Eyed Willie's Pirate ship from "Goonies"… and of course the cave in which to house it.


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