Sunday, April 15, 2012

The League: Holy Grails & White Whales

This is the League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic this week as assigned by the Cool and Collected blog.

"We all collect something. What is a holy grail item you hope to find at a flea market, toy show, or comic convention? What else do you collect?"

This is an interesting question. I collect various things associated with horror and sci-fi films. However there isn't one particular type of thing I collect. I have have figures, posters, soundtracks and more. It's all over the board. Mostly items I can find and then afford. So, it's not nearly as big as my dream collection. However, the question at hand is asking to identify that one thing that you'd love to have in your collection. Speaking in terms of the types of things I collect I actually couldn't think of anything at first and the fact that most things if you have the money can be found and bought. Then after Brian (Cool & Collected) asked "there has to be a Predator item out there.." I thought about it and there is one thing that I'd love to find at a flea market or hell, even a thrift store. A place where this item would be super low cost. Not only would I like to own it because it looked cool as hell in an ad in Fangoria magazine, but I'd like to see if the real deal lived up to how well it was photographed. The item is a "Collector Predator Mask" put out in the early 90s by a company called Distortions. As you can see in the photo below it's of the unmasked Predator from 1987 film. It's his complete head and a bit of shoulders and partial chest. The photo makes it look fantastic.

Two things kept it from my hands as a wee kid. First was the $320 price tag, the other being even if you had this how would you wear it. Id think you have to have a kick ass Predator costume to wear with it, or it would looks ridiculous. You can't put on a black sweat shirt and jeans and call yourself the Predator. There are a couple of other notable things here in the ad that I don't necessarily want. The "standard" Predator mask and the "Child's Complete costume". The kids' costume idea on paper sounds cool, but look at it. No dreads, no gloves and no wrist blades… and apparently nothing covering the nether region… what in the hell is with that. It's stupefying!!

What other rare oddities are driving my fellow bloggers mad?!?!? Read on to find out.


Priya Balan said...

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leftylimbo said...

Awesome post and thanks for the linkback! I saw someone dressed as a Predator at the Comic Con back in 2005. His costume was pretty accurate and plus he had a killer mask with dreads and all. It's too bad he walked around with it tucked under his arm though, lol. Well, it was freakin' boiling in there so I think he saved himself from passing out, right? It would be funny to see a passed out predator though (poking with stick...hello?).

I'm sure if there's anything that people who love to dress up would appreciate, it would be some kind of internal cooling system. There's nothing worse (imho) than seeing someone cruise around with 99% of their intended persona complete, then the critical element totally wiped off and replaced with "an average geek" head. I saw an awesome Chewbacca who did the same thing.

Good luck on your search!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Lefty: You are welcome on the link back. Yeah I think you are right some kind of internal air conditioning system. I wonder about Kevin Peter Hall in the original Predator running around in that suit in the hot jungle. Must have been brutal.