Thursday, May 17, 2012

The League: Geek Confessions

This is the League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic this week as assigned by the Cool and Collected blog.

"What is something you absolutely hate or love or just don’t get, or maybe it’s something you have never even seen or read. What is your deepest, darkest geek confession?"

Well, it seems most of the stuff I love is generally loved by most, but what I hate... well that's a different story. I'm taking a cue from the Claymation Werewolf and going to go into a rambling rant of sorts. Not to say he was ranting, but it just felt like it had that vibe of someone just going off on something. I'll have a link to his post at the end. Grammar and any kind of clear thought be damned!

1st victim The Simpsons. I can't stand the Simpsons tv show and the fact that people like it really I find annoying. I don't get it. I'll admit there was a time when I did like it, when I was in 8th grade in 1990. I had a couple of Simpsons t-shirts and related merchandise, but by the time 1991 rolled around I thought that show's idea sailed. I didn't find it entertaining or enjoyable to watch and the fact that it's still on in the 21st century baffles me. What more can they do with the story lines, just thinking about that bores me. Also that "Do the Bartman" song, wow that was cheesy then but now it's down right awful. I have to give a quick shout-out to Family Guy, that I thought was crappy the first time they tried to air it and it was canceled. There was a reason for that....

2nd victim is South Park, what the hell is with that show. Again I saw one strange episode/video of Jesus fighting Santa (I think) in 1998 and that had it's moments, but when I saw the show I couldn't believe how awful it was. The art style for one pretty much makes it unwatchable, and the voices, the characters, a little poo guy, ridiculous. Again this is another one I hear people say time and time again "it's soooo funny" and they proceded to tell me about it and it sounds about as fun as watching grass grow, but not quite that fun.

3rd victim. Pixar (and Disney as a whole), but really I stick to the Pixar movies. The CGI animated big budget children's movies make me sick. I can't stand seeing ads for them, trailers, toys, books, chewing tobacco and what have you. The movies look lifeless and sadly I've sat through a few of these movies and been underwhelmed, as I should because they're for kids first off and that is another thing that really annoys me. Why do people my age (35) a little younger and older get excited about this stuff. They're excited about a children's movie?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with you? I can understand watching some animated thing from your childhood, because you can ride that wave of nostalgia, but to be 35 and excited about CARS 3, I just don't get it. I'm name checking Pixar here, but you know as well as I there are more studios doing this type of "work". Speaking of CGI I can't stand full on CGI realized characters or environments for a near entire film or major "living" characters, which is why I'll go to my grave never having seen Avatar.

I think that's it for now... If I think if anything else I'll update this post.

Curious to see what my other fellow bloggers/geeks want to put on Front Street?

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Dex said...

I'm just gonna throw this out there...have you tried to watch the Incredibles?

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Dex: Indeed I have. I mostly watched it because Jason Lee was doing a voice, but that too was blah to me.

GeekChunks said...

HA! I forgot about your dislike for Pixar. I love Pixar films. I think it's less for the stories (which most are great)and characters and more for the animation and technology used to create it that I find fascinating. I've always wanted to be an animator.

Claymation Werewolf said...

As far as SouthPark and the Simpsons go I am TOTALLY with you. I don't get it. The Simpsons stopped being funny about two seasons in (not that i ever tried rewatching those two seasons... While pixar does have two movies I really liked (Monsters Inc and The Incredibles) Im kind of with you there too. I hated the rise of cgi in animated films it was like an artform was dying. Great Post!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

IAreGeek: Yeah I've mentioned this before. ;-) Also I knew you were a fan, but I had to keep it real man. I should me amazed at the art/tech side of CGI animation, but I really was turned off by it in live action films and being a replacement for practical effects. Pixar stuff just was like horrific to me. Complete CGI films, blahhh

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Claymation Werewolf: We should become blood brothers. :-)

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Drew Bludd said...

You really missed it on South Park. Every episode (the later ones. Maybe season 5 or 6 and up) is a moral story. Every episode is really about how you should treat people better, not be such a jerk, shop locally but its okay to use chain stores when you have to, be responsible, don't be pretentious, etc. Every episode is really a lesson learned, like old EC comics.