Monday, May 07, 2012

The League: Ultimate Crossover Event

This is the League of Extraordinary Bloggers topic this week as assigned by the Cool and Collected blog.

"What pop culture heroes or stories would make for the ultimate crossover–think along the lines of Han Solo meeting up with Firefly’s Mal on a smuggling run."

There is an immediate answer to this question when I read it. I know I'm not the first or probably last person to think of this idea, but I would love to see it done and done well...

PREDATOR vs BOBA FETT... if you haven't thought about that meeting let it sink in a minute. Oh to hell with you it's a cool idea!

The thing about this idea, is that I'd like to give it a little twist on the standard Predator story we've come to expect from comics and film. Normally the plots are about a Predator that set his sights on people and things to hunt. For example, Batman, Aliens, Superman, Magnus Robot Fighter, Tarzan, the JLA, and Judge Dredd. My thought is to have the Predator be the prey and have Boba Fett the hunter. Being that they are both characters from outer space, I thought maybe have a Predator that did some work for someone, maybe as a hired bounty hunter himself and failed in the job, stole money, or otherwise double crossed a client. That client decides to call upon Boba Fett one of the best in the hunting business to track down this Predator to make him answer for his "crimes" as it were. What locations the film takes place I haven't given it much thought. Most likely in the Star Wars universe as there are a good number of locations the story can take place that fans would like, but also the Predator doesn't have a distinctive location that would be appealing for the story.

I'd love to see this as a very well done film, but the more likely medium I could see it doing well and be created at all is in comic book form from Dark Horse Comics. The pieces are there... so close to being there. They have access, for now, to the licences of those two films and characters. Both characters are owned by 20th Century Fox. Seems like the powers that be could strike a deal and make this happen. Would it be profitable, I have no idea? It could be fantastic! I think Dark Horse knows there is a group that would go for this. In 2011 they did a VS post on their blog asking fans who would win in a fight. In my additional research on the idea it looks like in 2008 some folks were working on a fan film with a VS idea, it's a bit low budget looking, but it's something.

What are my other fellow bloggers thinking about as a sweet crossover, look no further.

Memories of Toymorrow imagines a crossover of suave men of pop culture future and past competing for the heart of… Penelope Pussycat!?!

Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s would like to see Matthew Broderick, Christopher Collet and Henry Thomas come together reprising their rolls from "War Games", "The Manhattan Project" and "Cloack & Dagger".

Tupa's Treasures fantasizes about a "A-Team" and "The Fall Guy" crossover.

Dave Low Design has a far better idea than the realized "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" film.

The Man Who Stares at Toys has has an idea that has me chest bursting with excitement.

That Figures would like to see a live action version of "Marvel Team-Up #27: Spider-Man & The Hulk".


Shawn Robare said...

I could totally see this, and even the final scene as the Predator won and proceeds to drag Fett back to the Pit of Carkoon, where he'd drop the limp Fett back into the belly of the best...

Michael said...

This one's pretty close...but a good one to think about !!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Shawn, Ha ha... I'm glad your vision has the Predator winning, because that's what I'd like to see.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Michael, yeah it's one of those ideas that captures my imagination and I've thought of more often than I probably should.

Michael May said...

I would pay one million dollars to watch that movie.

Bob Johns said...

I smell a comic spill off.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Michael May: Ha yeah I would too I must admit.

Man Cave: yeah I think it could be well done and actually done in comic form. I'd love to see it.